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Taking your classes and watching your videos has given me a new and wonderful appreciation of how a person is able to regain lost flexibility and strength due to age and injury. Your classes and videos have become a daily part of my life and self-awareness. I have learned from you an important lesson, not to try and be perfect, but to just try and improve. This motto has given me the motivation to try a bit harder both mentally and physically and keep smiling! I'm looking forward to many more classes, videos, and new challenges. Thank you, again, for your knowledge and encouragement! - Maryann T.

I have been attending different yoga classes over the years, but your teaching goes beyond just the practice of yoga. The different techniques you share during class and the bonus emails have opened my mind to other ways of working towards building a healthier lifestyle. – Bonnie K.

You know you’re having an amazing experience when you leave class feeling better than when you entered it. Jenny’s smile is warm and contagious. She is thoughtful and provides helpful videos for the class. Jenny’s morning Yoga For Energy leaves a positive impact on my mind and body that releases tension and stress. I feel refreshed, relaxed, stretched and happy. I’m looking forward to the next class to continue my journey. - Debbie C.

The class has helped me through an extremely challenging time in my life. Jenny's positive healing energy radiates from her to each and every participant in her class, guiding, encouraging and enlightening her students. I highly recommend you attend. I am sure you will feel totally rejuvenated after Jenny's class is over, as I do after the conclusion of every one of her classes. - Robert D.

“Jenny is truly brilliant at what she does. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, precise, and inspirational. She has a contagious positive energy that has encouraged me to work harder in all aspects of my life, physically, and mentally. I absolutely love this class, and recommend it to everyone, especially because Jenny has the great ability to teach to all.” – Elizabeth S.

I have found that the tips you give us about how to stay healthy and what we as individuals can do that helps our immune system have had a positive impact on my health. My blood sugar measurement A1C, which had been creeping up to 5.8, had returned to 5.4 which is the normal rate. I credit your class with giving me positive ideas to use in my lifestyle choices. I have taken other Yoga classes over the years but this style of Yoga is unique and no other yoga instructor has given me the health tools I need to stay strong and healthy. Thank you for the compassion and caring you show to your students. Keep up the good work. - Mari F. 

After 2 months (of taking yoga class with Jenny), my cholesterol level dropped from 225 to 190 and my blood pressure is now 120 over 75. I truly believe that taking yoga classes with Jenny has taught me how to relax and get rid of stress that causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Thank you Jenny for teaching me about healing my body naturally. – Patricia T. 

Hi Jenny, this is a long overdue note of thanks and recognition for so lovingly and gently opening the door to what I see as a real game changer in my life (for the better). Having you to lead the yoga class has restored my hope and beliefs that good health and peace are most assuredly within my power... I am especially grateful to you for your kindness and enthusiasm in helping me to find my way on this journey. Laura P.

I suffer from chronic back pain & you have helped me cope with it and I am feeling so much better. Thank you also for taking the time to show me some exercises to do while I am sitting at work!! Thank you so much!! You are really amazing!!! - Mary A.

Thank you so much for being the most informative, caring and amazing yoga teacher. I really appreciate everything that you do for me and the community. - Vera F.

I left each class relaxed and refreshed and looking forward to the next class. Thank you for your wonderful practice each week, it was just the right amount of vigorous exercise and relaxing moments. - Kimberly G.

Taking yoga with Jenny is such a safe space. I had never done yoga before and my body is not very flexible, but there is never any judgement and she always gives me ways to adjust to what my body can do. The class has helped to calm my mind during a very stressful time in life. I always leave class feeling better and more relaxed then when I arrived. - Karen G.

I want to thank you for all of your insight, your technique, your infectious smile and positive energy. You are incredibly talented and have such a gift that you selflessly share with others each week. - Vanessa M.